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Doll Face's CAKE EP and label launch

We are thrilled to announce the release of Doll Face’s debut EP CAKE. Ever since the last acting in concert events, we were looking for new ways to present our work in a more continuous manner and to tighten the bonds with artists. The idea of founding a label was somehow always present. With Doll Face’s debut, it all fell into place, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate the first EP release of acting in concert.

Doll Face, formerly known as Dorothy Parker, was a resident DJ for the Cry Baby series at the Institut für Zukunft in Leipzig, and began producing music after moving to Berlin in 2018. Two performances resulted from their collaboration with choreographer Francisco Baños Diaz and dancer Luke Fierce. Doll Face produced the music for both pieces, which were presented at Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig and Balance Club/ Culture Festival 2020.

In the same spirit, CAKE celebrates different artistic positions and genres coming together. For each of the four tracks of their debut EP, Doll Face invited a guest artist. Among them are old and new friends like rappers Lamb Kebab and baby punk. Their lyrics complete the four different tracks. Acid, ballroom and elements of grime are merged with sounds of thunder and Molotov cocktails to form new narratives. CAKE celebrates our daily uprising – it is a radical and emotional manifesto and furious liberation.



'fragile solidarities' compilation

With this compilation, our goal is to support locals in the Ruhr area who do anti-racist work and community-building for bpoc and queers. The Ruhr area is one of the poorest areas of Germany and at the same time its biggest metropolitan center. A lot of people in anti-racist and queer-feminist work do this in extremely precarious circumstances and suffer from separation to stable communities, structures, and safer spaces for bpoc and queers, additionally, funds for this have been massively cut in the last couple of years. Like most areas outside major cities, scenes that offer protection from normative and state violence are arising tentatively, the pervasive precariousness of the situation makes it difficult to connect and organize with each other. This is why we would like to donate all the proceeds, not only to organizations that do activist work which has a public impact, but also to groups that create safer spaces for bpoc and queers.

100% of the money made will go to Sunrise Dortmund, Antirassismustelefon Essen, PoC AG TU Dortmund, Migrantifa NRW, atelier automatique and curl collective.

We hope you like the compilation and that there´s something in it for everybody. Much love for all those who made the compilation possible and thanks to everyone for supporting the cause and fighting for what is right in whatever way they can.

fragile solidarities on bandcamp


pictures: 5 Jahre [....] raum

Our beloved home and the café raum where most of acting in concerts takes place celebrated its 5th birthday and it was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. For all of us from raum team it was very empowering to party with you and we seldom had so much fun serving drinks. Thank you! We especially want to thank the artists, who did not only give us mind blowing performances but also co-shaped and -managed the evening in a touchingly familiar and responsible way. Thank you so much for everything and for your trust! After Iku opened up with a soft but intense and primarily beautiful set, aua&angst member Tobi and Galouchë played amazing, genre-bending sets, to which people danced from the very first and up until the very last second. And the very last second came a lot later than we had planned. We had wanted to finish at 10 o'clock- instead, Tobi and Galouchë went on for another two ecstatic hours, playing B2B so smoothly as if they did it every other day. So, thank you to everybody who came, to all the artists, to Lea Hopp for the design, the Unikat for equipment and to Michael Burger for as per usual so much more than just technical support; thank you all for all your warmth. 💙


pictures: acting in concert at the 'blue skies - bodies in trouble' conference

On the 13th of July it was a beautiful night of ambivalent atmospheres with you all at the 'blue skies - bodies in trouble' conference at PACT Zollverein. Thanks to Odete, Nguyễn + Transitory and COOL FOR YOU for your touching and great performances and for the lovely and supportive way to work together, to everyone who came out, and to Sonja Wunderlich, Klaas Werner and Fabian Saavedra-Lara of Medienwerk NRW for the invitation and for being there. To FAM_ for the incredible Dj sets and especially for caring during the whole conference and finally to Tobias Malcharzik, Katharina Kern and Maxi Wallenhorst for your support!

© Killa Schuetze / PACT Zollverein
© Dirk Rose / PACT Zollverein


22.00 Pact Zollverein Performance, Concert, Club

Living with experimental electronic music means not only to live with sound effects of breaking glass, but with machines, feelings and concepts. To make kin within the comment section of a remix of a remix, bonding over a theory of moods, or behind a modular synthesizer. Since 2017, acting in concert builds a context for queer and postcolonial projects, that experiment with how people gather with sound, right next to it or in its middle. Less cool, more warm. Not necessarily more united, but – in concert – less alone. In this vein, at Blus Skies acting in concert presents a night of ambivalent atmosphere, a party of co-dependency, plus background noises. But it's danceable! If to dance means to move, too. Nguyễn+Transitory present their Performance Bird Bird, Touch Touch, Sing Sing (work in progress), COOL FOR YOU her new album Communal Mess, Odete performs a shapeshifting concert and reading, and finally, fam_ play some tracks to get material to.
(Text by Maxi Wallenhorst)

22.00 Start of the acting in concert program at Blue Skies

22.30 Nguyễn+Transitory, Main Stage
Artists Nguyễn Baly and Tara Transitory combine sound, performance and installations to create complex special experiences in their works. The duo approaches sound, noise, rhythm and performance from a post-colonial perspective and attempts to create a space for various Southeast Asian and queer-diasporic stories. In ›Bird Bird, Touch Touch, Sing Sing‹ (work in progress), Nguyễn + Transitory present an immersive audio performance in which they experiment with new forms of closeness and caring. Feelings of vulnerability, dependence, closeness, a lack of orientation and the fragility of trust are profoundly human, universally shared experiences. Can those familiar feelings give rise to close ties between people who don’t know each other? How can we imagine a common physical space in the post-digital age in which users are both globally connected and isolated from each other? Nguyễn + Transitory stage an experiment in radical interpersonal relationship or, as they express it, “the attempt to reconnect with lost magic”.

23.30 COOL FOR YOU, Wintergarden
Vika Kirchenbauer is an artist, author and music producer based in Berlin. Her work has been exhibited and presented in a wide range of contexts, including Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Images Festival (Toronto), ICA Artists’ Film Biennial (London) and International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, where she was awarded the prize for the best contribution to the German Competition in 2016. Since 2015 she has been producing experimental electronic music under the moniker COOL FOR YOU with live shows at transmediale (Berlin) and Donaufestival Krems, amongst many others. Kirchenbauer first appeared at PACT Zollverein in 2011 as part of the Atelier series. For ›Blue Skies‹ COOL FOR YOU plays tracks from ›COMMUNAL MESS‹, her most recent album, which was released via Berlin label Creamcake in May 2019. Pairing heavily chopped samples of dissonant Christian choirs with skittering drums, the album is a balancing act between harmony and discord. COOL FOR YOU's music creates ambiguous atmospheres composed of seemingly contradictory emotions in unusual time signatures that evoke uncanny feelings of euphoria, subtle fear and all-encompassing beauty.

0.10 Odete, Wintergarden
Odete’s multidisciplinary works combine music, DJing, text, performance and visual art. Her clearly autobiographical musical works are attempts to redefine the body through abstraction, as can be heard on her first album entitled ›Matrafona‹. Having learned from these sound collages that music can serve as a political tool, she went on to publish ›Amarração‹. In her performances, Odete creates sound carpets consisting, for example, of background noise from a funeral recorded with a smartphone and mixed with samples of beats that traverse the history of queer music, including vogue claps, sapphic fragments, industrial beats and punk screams.

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acting in concert Festival

19.00 [….] raum festival

acting in concert proposes musical practices of gender and genre bending. Here, concerts and discussion platforms negotiate how music, queer and postcolonial practices can engage actively with contemporary questions – and the ways in which they already do.

Together with Neda Sanai, Lala &ce, Iku, Born in Flamez, Shaheen Wacker, Mhysa, Larry B, slimgirl fat and COOL FOR YOU, acting in concert imagines a different present that could also be ours. Ours? The titular instruction is to be taken literally and personally: acting together, in concerts - and beyond. Not drowning out the assembled differences, but making them audible.


19.10. friday, 19.00 - 22.00

19.30 Larry B
Larry B is a producer, DJ and songwriter based in South London. In his DJ sets, Larry B weaves together the most different genres with threads of feelings: From r’n’b to heavy dance, the BPMs increase and decrease with the mood. DJing since 2011, recently Larry B has also started to release his very own form of bedroom r’n’b. His latest EP 5 Sad Songs delivers nothing less than 5 really sad songs, whose dark intimacy is haunting.

20.30 slimgirl fat
slimgirl fat is a small fish in a big pond. Her sound is an emotional collapse of improvised gesture. While known through her other projects Gaddafi Gals and Nalan381, slimgirl fit is a new project that has reached a wider public with her first Single Anneanne. She is working hard, on her first release and a second tape, and her debut EP ugly will drop in October 2018.

21.15 Lala &ce
Lala&ce is a french-ivorian rapper based in Paris and the only female figure of the 667 collectif. Her nonchalant voice and wavy pieces arouse the enthusiasm of live crowds, youtube clicks and press for more than a year now. Between airy songs and female trap, Lala&ce without any explanation makes you go from one emotional state to another. The uncommon atmosphere of her tracks connects Lala&ce to other genres and other fields, too. In a collaboration with video director Kevin El Amrani she explored a darker side of her persona. In the fashion world, she worked with and for houses like Koche or inspired the designer collective Andrea Crews. For acting in concert, Lala&ce is exclusively accompanied by Iku as her DJ.

20.10. saturday, 15.00 - 22.00

15.30 Talk ‘queering and decolonizing spaces’ with Shaheen Wacker, Neda Sanai, Vika Kirchenbauer. tba

17.00 ‘ocean meditations 2018’ by Neda Sanai
Ocean meditations 2018 is a live audio experience that is composed by field recordings of animal sounds and digitally captured nature environmental sonic landscapes. Combined with electronically produced tones and harmonies within the solfeggio frequencies range Ocean meditations 2018 creates a space where the oscillation of sound helps the awakening of transformation and miracles, DNA repair, connecting spirit and intuition. It’s a audio work to fall asleep to, meditate and alter mental and spiritual reconstruction in the human body.

19.30 MHYSA
MHYSA is a Queer Black Diva and underground popstar for the cyber resistance from Prince George’s County, Maryland. Her debut album, fantasii, was released through Halcyon Veil on July 21, 2017, to glowing reception including many major year end lists. Of fantasii, MHYSA says: “This debut album is an epic poem, like a reverse Dante’s Inferno, where I take the listener higher, upward through my hopes, dreams, inspirations, and desires. It represents my love for Black women and femmes, as the stories are all told from our perspectives.”

COOL FOR YOU is the music/performance project of artist Vika Kirchenbauer. In her work, she decomposes harmonies as colonisers, reframing bodies as heat signatures and sampling from infrared dreams. In discussing the simultaneous consumption and exclusion of otherness, she explores the choir as a space for dissonance. Her last EP MOOD MANAGEMENT (released through Creamcake) celebrated its release in early February 2017 with a performance at KW Institute for Contemporary Art/Bob’s Pogo Bar. Her video to SHE WHOSE BLOOD IS CLOTTING IN MY UNDERWEAR won the Award for Best Contribution to the German Competition at the 2016 Oberhausen International Short Film Festival and was exhibited at festivals worldwide. She is currently artist-in-residence at Villa Aurora Los Angeles where she is working on her debut full-length release. For her performance at Acting In Concert she will test some of this new material live for the very first time.

21.15 Born in Flamez
Impossible Love by Born in Flamez. Impossible Love ponders the restrictions and tactics of queer love in the current political climate. The lyrics are based on commonplaces of rom-coms and heteronormative ideals of the „One True Love“. Reading phrases like „i will never let you go“ closer, the phrase reveals a threatening subcontext. The constant pressure of hypercapitalism crescendos in binary poles of a world of Tinder and „family values“. In working through this dilemma it becomes clear how any such dualism raises a myriad of questions, opening up a space for something outside it’s poles in which we navigate our violent love for each other.
Free entrance - come as you are or want to be and please come early. Let’s experiment with the way forms of care and solidarity are possible within music, at a festival, at concerts, between you, the artists, the organizers and supporters. acting in concert’s perspective is feminist, queer, anti-racist and post-migrant. The festival is explicitly open to everyone, especially lgbtqia+ and people of color. Check your privileges, take care of the space that you’re in and be nice. Let’s perform in a different present, together, while celebrating the singularity of each and any one. Please come to the bar or the entrance, whenever you feel uncomfortable, when you’re being harassed or when you observe discriminatory behaviour.



Preach und Natascha P. + DJ Yung_womb

20:00 [….] raum concert

preach & natascha p. vom hamburger musikkollektiv 'one mother' möchten in ihren sounds zwischen RnB, pop und hiphop neue diasporische narrative mit viel platz für solidarität, kunst und anger management schaffen - vor allem aber raum einnehmen, in einer musiklandschaft, die zwei musikerinnen mit klarer agenda bitter nötig hat. im anschließenden dj set treibt euch die kolumbianische ur-hamburgerin yung_womb mit trap, reggaeton, rap und afrobeat durch den raum und freut sich mindestens genauso sehr wie ihr über die neu gewonnene freiheit eurer ärsche. gepost wird hier auch, aber gemeinsam! Facebook / Soundcloud

das konzert und dj set finden im rahmen des 6. netzwerktreffens von interkultur ruhr Do It Yourself! DIGITALE KULTUR UND DIVERSITÄT statt.


care through music

22:30 Eve Bar Bochum Club & Concert

care through music wishes to bring the fluid, digital and intimate moments, which we can experience when we listen to music online, to the club. Those personal safe spaces and exit points, where we can be anything. Moments of self-care through music and feelings, between self-love, doubt, desires and loneliness. Can we transport those delicate moments into the club and share them caringly with others? Which forms of caring and solidarity are imaginable; in music, in the club, between the audience, the artists, the organisers – and beyond? care through music is a cooperation between Schauspielhaus Bochum, Eve Bar and acting in concert in which, together with the artists Moesha 13, Lamb Kebab feat. Labor and Yemed, Englesia, LYZZA, m.m.rty and Iku, we want to celebrate our fluidity and precariousness in those moments. Together we imagine a different present and new forms of (self-)care, crossing through the mechanisms of exclusion, isolation and competition. Facebook

care through music from acting in concert on Vimeo.


3 Jahre [....] raum & acting in concert presents

Am 3. November feierten wir die vergangenen 3 Jahre [….] raum und gleichzeitig acting in concert´s Auftakt der Reihe 'acting in concert presents'. Nicht nostalgisch, sondern für ein anderes Jetzt und die Dinge, die kommen. 'acting in concert presents' ist acting in concerts Fortsetzung zwischen den Festivals. Die Künstler*innen Lyra, FAUNA, C2 , QueenO & Trinity (BlondieV) (FAM Kollektiv) aus Wien, Berlin und Witten bewegten sich zwischen rap, politisch avantgardistischen beats, sensual club sounds, pop und hiphop und schafften einen genre and gender bending quite peaceful and quite intense evening. facebook event / more pics / artikel im kaput magazin

festival 2018

acting in concert festival 2018 from acting in concert on Vimeo.

»acting in concert proposes musical practices of gender and genre bending. Here, concerts and discussion platforms negotiate how music, queer and postcolonial practices can engage actively with contemporary questions – and the ways in which they already do.

Together with Neda Sanai, Lala &ce, Iku, Born in Flamez, Shaheen Wacker, Mhysa, Larry B, slimgirl fat and COOL FOR YOU, acting in concert imagines a different present that could also be ours. Ours? The titular instruction is to be taken literally and personally: acting together, in concerts - and beyond. Not drowning out the assembled differences, but making them audible.«

Thanks for this cute and super lovely edition of acting in concert festival. Thanks to the participants for all being mindblowing. And thanks to everyone there and everyone involved for creating such a warm and open space, where the people took care of each and every one. Thanks to the always caring and amazing people who helped and supported the festival; Lea Hopp, Manischa Eichwalder, Tobias Malcharzik, Maxi Wallenhorst, Michael Tsouloukidse, Sonja Schulze-Trautmann, Michael Burger, Henk Niehues, Frederik Bury, Kata Kern, Jan Hagelstein, Jonathan Feller, Carla Wisselmann, Theresa Wong, Julia Krebber, Melina Schwab. photo credits by Lea Hopp & Jan Hagelstein, all artworks by Lea Hopp, texting everywhere by Maxi Wallenhorst.

review at das Filter

festival 2017

acting in concert 2017 from acting in concert on Vimeo.

»What makes music queer? And what can queer music do? For you, for me, as us? acting in concert is a music and discourse festival that asks and tackles these questions. From June 23-25, 2017 in Witten (Ruhr area), acting in concert proposes musical practices to gender and genre bending. Here, concerts of all sounds open up new spaces of experience, composition workshops invite teenage girls and trans*, discussion platforms negotiate how music and queer practices can engage actively with contemporary questions – and the ways in which they already do. acting in concert imagines a different present that could also be ours. Ours? The festival’s titular instruction is to be taken literally and personally: acting together, in concert - and beyond. Not drowning out the assembled differences, but making them audible.«

program pdf


Since 2017 acting in concert has built a context for queer and anti-racist projects, that experiments with how people gather through sound. acting in concert is mostly based in a very small city called Witten in the Ruhr area in Germany where we organize festivals or concert evenings, if we can muster the courage and endurance to go through with it. Since 2020 acting in concert has also been working as an online label. In all these works we would like to try to focus on ways of relating, such as solidarity, responsibility and care. Together we want to practice how we can create spaces in music that are as free of hierarchies as possible and hopefully are places of retreat for many people – against a violent normative, racist, patriarchal and capitalist world.

Seit 2017 arbeitet acting in concert an einem Kontext für queere und antirassistische Projekte, die damit experimentieren, wie Menschen durch Sound zusammenkommen. acting in concert findet meist in der kleinen Stadt Witten im Ruhrgebiet statt, wo wir Festivals oder Konzertabende organisieren, wenn wir den Mut und die Ausdauer haben. Seit 2020 arbeitet acting in concert außerdem als online Label. Dabei möchten wir versuchen Beziehungsweisen wie Solidarität, Verantwortung und Fürsorge in den Fokus unserer Arbeiten zu rücken. Und gemeinsam erproben, wie wir möglichst enthierarchisierte Räume in der Musik schaffen können, die hoffentlich für viele Menschen Rückzugsorte - entgegen einer gewaltvollen normativen, rassistischen, patriarchalen und kapitalistischen Welt - sein können.

abdu ali, andras_2020, aua&angst, avbvrn, Binha Haase, bonaventure, born in flamez, c2, cool for you, cousin, doll face, englesia, fauna, fam_, francis seeck, galouchë, herlander, iku, Janine Jembere, jordana, julia eckhardt, kilbourne, lala &ce, lamb kebab, larry, Ms. Carrie Stacks, lc, lyra, lyzza, Maria do Mar Castro Varela, marta forsberg, mhysa, moesha 13, neda sanai, neo hülcker, nguyễn+transitory, odete, preach und natascha p., rui ho, polly hertz, Sara Glojnaric, shaheen wacker, slimgirl fat, stellan veloce, yung_womb

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