Ari aka Doll Face x Peter Scherrebeck Hansen

Love Songs for a New Future

Ari feat. Peter Scherrebeck Hansen, Paca Faraus, Peter Hermans

(...) the end of the romantic love that was fed to many of us is not the end of love, but the beginning of it. (Silvia Federici in an e-mail to Şeyda Kurt, printed in Radikale Zärtlichkeit)

How do the love songs of the future sound? What’s the sound of a love song that has left the beaten paths of our heteronormative view on romantic love? How does a love song sound that wasn't written from a single person's point of view but by a collective body?

These are the questions that Kat Merten aka Ari examines in Love Songs for a New Future. Together with a team of interdisciplinary artists, they trained an artificial intelligence with hundreds of love songs and texts about love. Based on this polyphony, the machine learning algorithm generates texts about love that Kat Merten and Peter Scherrebeck Hansen will bring on stage in this musical-choreographical piece.

(...) Das Ende der romantischen Liebe, die uns eingebläut wurde, wird nicht das Ende der Liebe sein. Sondern ihr Anfang. (Silvia Federici in einer Mail an Şeyda Kurt, abgedruckt in Radikale Zärtlichkeit)

Wie klingen die Love Songs der Zukunft? Wie klingt ein Love Song, der die ausgetretenen Pfade unserer heteronormativen Denkweise über Liebe verlassen hat? Wie klingt ein Love Song, der nicht aus einer singulären Perspektive, sondern aus einer kollektiven Sichtweise geschrieben wurde?

Mit diesen Fragen beschäftigt sich Kat Merten aka Ari in Love Songs for a New Future. Gemeinsam mit einem Team aus interdisziplinären Künstler*innen hat Doll Face eine künstliche Intelligenz mit Love Songs und Texten über Liebe trainiert. Aus dieser Mehrstimmigkeit heraus generiert der Algorithmus Texte über Liebe, die Kat Merten und Peter Scherrebeck Hansen als choreografisch-musikalische Performance auf die Bühne bringen.


concept & music

Kat Merten aka Ari


Peter Scherrebeck Hansen


Paca Faraus


Peter Hermans

Kat Merten aka Ari is an interdisciplinary artist and musician based in Berlin. Coming from a background of conceptual art, they frequently collaborate with artists from various fields on genre-bending performances and projects. In 2020 they released their Debut EP CAKE on the label acting in concert.


Peter Scherrebeck Hansen is a performer and dance maker based in between Amsterdam and Copenhagen. They work in the field of expanded choreography as a performer, choreographer, teacher and musician. They are part of the collective Porous Nests.

Peter Scherrebeck Hansen
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Paca Faraus is a choreographer and performer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their work combines practices of writing, moving, filming and facilitating to research and share the theme of self- and collective retrieval of the contemporary Nonconforms.

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Peter Hermans is an interdisciplinary artistic researcher and educator, based in Leipzig. His research interests have evolved in the direction of interlinking art, technology and politics, developing (with others) infrastructures, methods and dramaturgies for learning, translating, scripting, and listening.

Peter Hermans

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Photo Ari by Lucie Marsmann
Photo Peter Scherrebeck Hansen by Nellie de Boer