5 Jahre Raum

On 20th of October 2019 our beloved home and the café [....] raum where most of the acting in concert events take place celebrated its 5th birthday and it was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. For all of us from raum team it was very empowering to party with you and we seldom had so much fun serving drinks. Thank you!
We especially want to thank the artists, who did not only give us mind blowing performances but also co-shaped and -managed the evening in a touchingly familiar and responsible way. Thank you so much for everything and for your trust! After Iku opened up with a soft but intense and primarily beautiful set, aua&angst member Tobi and Galouchë played amazing, genre-bending sets, to which people danced from the very first and up until the very last second. And the very last second came a lot later than we had planned. We had wanted to finish at 10 o'clock- instead, Tobi and Galouchë went on for another two ecstatic hours, playing B2B so smoothly as if they did it every other day. So, thank you to everybody who came, to all the artists, to Lea Hopp for the graphic design, the Unikat for equipment and to Michael Burger for as per usual so much more than just technical support; thank you all for all your warmth.



Photos by Jan Hagelstein

bodies in trouble

On July 13, 2019, acting in concert was a guest at the 'Blue Skies - Bodies in Trouble' conference at PACT Zollverein. „Living with experimental electronic music means not only to live with sound effects of breaking glass, but with machines, feelings and concepts. To make kin within the comment section of a remix of a remix, bonding over a theory of moods, or behind a modular synthesizer. Since 2017, acting in concert builds a context for queer and postcolonial projects, that experiment with how people gather with sound, right next to it or in its middle. Less cool, more warm. Not necessarily more united, but – in concert – less alone. In this vein, at Blus Skies acting in concert presents a night of ambivalent atmosphere, a party of co-dependency, plus background noises. But it's danceable! If to dance means to move, too. Nguyễn+Transitory present their Performance Bird Bird, Touch Touch, Sing Sing (work in progress), COOL FOR YOU her new album Communal Mess, Odete performs a shapeshifting concert and reading, and finally, FAM_ play some tracks to get material to.“

Text by Maxi Wallenhorst



Photos by Killa Schütze & Dirk Rose for PACT Zollverein

Preach & Natascha P.

Am 15. Juni 2018 fand das 6. netzwerktreffen von interkultur ruhr  Do It Yourself! DIGITALE KULTUR UND DIVERSITÄT  im [....] raum in Witten statt. acting in concert gestaltete das Abendprogramm des Treffens.

„preach & natascha p. vom hamburger musikkollektiv 'one mother' möchten in ihren sounds zwischen RnB, pop und hiphop neue diasporische narrative mit viel platz für solidarität, kunst und anger management schaffen - vor allem aber raum einnehmen, in einer musiklandschaft, die zwei musikerinnen mit klarer agenda bitter nötig hat. im anschließenden dj set treibt euch die kolumbianische ur-hamburgerin yung_womb mit trap, reggaeton, rap und afrobeat durch den raum und freut sich mindestens genauso sehr wie ihr über die neu gewonnene freiheit eurer ärsche. gepost wird hier auch, aber gemeinsam!“


One Mother 

Photos by Jan Hagelstein

Festival 2018

»From October 19-20, 2018 in Witten (Ruhr area) acting in concert proposes musical practices of gender and genre bending. Here, concerts and discussion platforms negotiate how music, queer and postcolonial practices can engage actively with contemporary questions – and the ways in which they already do. acting in concert imagines a different present that could also be ours. Ours? The titular instruction is to be taken literally and personally: acting together, in concerts - and beyond. Not drowning out the assembled differences, but making them audible.«

festival review at das Filter
Text by Manischa Eichwalder

Photos by Lea Hopp and Jan Hagelstein


Born in Flamez
Lala &ce
Ms. Carrie Stacks
Neda Sanai
Shaheen Wacker
slimgirl fat 

Video by Lea Hopp
Track by Casey MQ - Angelorum

3 Jahre Raum

„Am 3. November 2017 feierten wir die vergangenen 3 Jahre [….] raum und gleichzeitig acting in concert´s Auftakt der Reihe 'acting in concert presents'. Nicht nostalgisch, sondern für ein anderes Jetzt und die Dinge, die kommen. 'acting in concert presents' ist acting in concerts Fortsetzung zwischen den Festivals. Die Künstler*innen Lyra, FAUNA, C2 , QueenO & Trinity (BlondieV) (FAM_) aus Wien, Berlin und Witten bewegten sich zwischen rap, politisch avantgardistischen beats, sensual club sounds, pop und hiphop und schafften einen genre and gender bending quite peaceful and quite intense evening.“



Photos by Jan Hagelstein