The release of Andras_2020 debut EP Cuerpo Temperamental is the second EP release for the young online label acting in concert from the Ruhr area in Germany. Have a listen if you want! You can stream it on all platforms, but it's best to buy the EP on Bandcamp if you like it, simply because that's where the artists get robbed the least. In any case, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Andras_2020, also known as Igor Meneses, is a Brazilian music producer, vocalist and dancer based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since its beginning, their creative work has spiraled between performance and music in a broad sense, but it was only in 2018 that they stepped into the world of music production. Since then Andras has composed two soundtracks for dance pieces from the collective Not Fabulous and released their work in three editions of the Mutants Mixtape and on acting in concert`s Fragile Solidarities compilation. Together with Angel Demon and Ygor Bahia, Andras_2020 founded the collective Maze Recordings.

On their debut release, Andras_2020 makes Cuerpo Temperamental their own sound universe. Featuring 7 tracks and explicit lyrics, the EP combines the most diverse of musical influences – from hyperpop and baile funk to neo-perreo. Queer empowerment, sex and healing in apocalyptic times, are themes that create the work's narrative and float over the melodies and extravagant percussion of Andras_2020. The release is a Latin-experimental celebration of transformation and a collection of tracks to dance and sing to.

Cuerpo Temperamental on Bandcamp

released April 9, 2021

Cover art by:


Ygor Bahia


David Martins


Andras_2020, Paula Pau




Paula Pau
Andras_2020 EP Cuerpo Temperamental