Fragile Solidarities

With this compilation, our goal is to support locals in the Ruhr area who do anti-racist work and community-building for bpoc and queers. The Ruhr area is one of the poorest areas of Germany and at the same time its biggest metropolitan center. A lot of people in anti-racist and queer-feminist work do this in extremely precarious circumstances and suffer from separation to stable communities, structures, and safer spaces for bpoc and queers, additionally, funds for this have been massively cut in the last couple of years. Like most areas outside major cities, scenes that offer protection from normative and state violence are arising tentatively, the pervasive precariousness of the situation makes it difficult to connect and organize with each other. This is why we would like to donate all the proceeds, not only to organizations that do activist work which has a public impact, but also to groups that create safer spaces for bpoc and queers.

100% of the money made will go to Sunrise Dortmund, Antirassismustelefon Essen, PoC AG TU Dortmund, Migrantifa NRW, atelier automatique and curl collective.

We hope you like the compilation and that there´s something in it for everybody. Much love for all those who made the compilation possible and thanks to everyone for supporting the cause and fighting for what is right in whatever way they can.

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released August 31, 2020

Artwork by Lea Hopp

Compilation Fragile Solidarities