We are thrilled to announce the release of Aris’ debut EP CAKE. Ever since the last acting in concert events, we were looking for new ways to present our work in a more continuous manner and to tighten the bonds with artists. The idea of founding a label was somehow always present. With Aris’ debut, it all fell into place, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate the first EP release of acting in concert.

Ari, formerly known as Doll Face, Dorothy Parker, was a resident DJ for the Cry Baby series at the Institut für Zukunft in Leipzig, and began producing music after moving to Berlin in 2018. Two performances resulted from their collaboration with choreographer Francisco Baños Diaz and dancer Luke Fierce. Ari produced the music for both pieces, which were presented at Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig and Balance Club/ Culture Festival 2020.

In the same spirit, CAKE celebrates different artistic positions and genres coming together. For each of the four tracks of their debut EP, Ari invited a guest artist. Among them are old and new friends like rappers Lamb Kebab and baby punk. Their lyrics complete the four different tracks. Acid, ballroom and elements of grime are merged with sounds of thunder and Molotov cocktails to form new narratives. CAKE celebrates our daily uprising – it is a radical and emotional manifesto and furious liberation.

released December 4, 2020

Cover art by:


Nuša Hernavs


Bass Jjoorr

Hair and make-up:

Darja Crainiucenco


Camilla Volbert


Steinkampf Flower Cakes


Anja Kaiser