5 Jahre Raum

On 20th of October 2019 our beloved home and the café [....] raum where most of the acting in concert events take place celebrated its 5th birthday and it was more beautiful than we could have ever imagined. For all of us from raum team it was very empowering to party with you and we seldom had so much fun serving drinks. Thank you!
We especially want to thank the artists, who did not only give us mind blowing performances but also co-shaped and -managed the evening in a touchingly familiar and responsible way. Thank you so much for everything and for your trust! After Iku opened up with a soft but intense and primarily beautiful set, aua&angst member Tobi and Galouchë played amazing, genre-bending sets, to which people danced from the very first and up until the very last second. And the very last second came a lot later than we had planned. We had wanted to finish at 10 o'clock- instead, Tobi and Galouchë went on for another two ecstatic hours, playing B2B so smoothly as if they did it every other day. So, thank you to everybody who came, to all the artists, to Lea Hopp for the graphic design, the Unikat for equipment and to Michael Burger for as per usual so much more than just technical support; thank you all for all your warmth.



Photos by Jan Hagelstein