Festival 2017

»What makes music queer? And what can queer music do? For you, for me, as us? acting in concert is a music and discourse festival that asks and tackles these questions. From June 23-25, 2017 in Witten (Ruhr area), acting in concert proposes musical practices to gender and genre bending. Here, concerts of all sounds open up new spaces of experience, composition workshops invite teenage girls and trans*, discussion platforms negotiate how music and queer practices can engage actively with contemporary questions – and the ways in which they already do. acting in concert imagines a different present that could also be ours. Ours? The festival’s titular instruction is to be taken literally and personally: acting together, in concert - and beyond. Not drowning out the assembled differences, but making them audible.«


Abdu Ali
Binha Haase
Francis Seeck
Janine Jembere
Julia Eckhardt
Maria do Mar Castro Varela
Marta Forsberg
Neo Hülcker
Sara Glojnaric
Stellan Veloce