care through music

„On 13th of April 2018 care through music wishes to bring the fluid, digital and intimate moments, which we can experience when we listen to music online, to the club. Those personal safer spaces and exit points, where we can be anything. Moments of self-care through music and feelings, between self-love, doubt, desires and loneliness. Can we transport those delicate moments into the club and share them caringly with others? Which forms of caring and solidarity are imaginable; in music, in the club, between the audience, the artists, the organisers – and beyond? care through music is a cooperation between Schauspielhaus Bochum, Eve Bar and acting in concert in which, together with the artists Moesha 13, Lamb Kebab feat. Labor and Yemed, Englesia, LYZZA, Avbvrn and Iku, we want to celebrate our fluidity and precariousness in those moments. Together we imagine a different present and new forms of (self-)care, crossing through the mechanisms of exclusion, isolation and competition.“ 

Artwork by Lea Hopp
Video by Nora Zielinski


lamb kebab